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I recently bought a PalmIIIe. I am a radio ham (G7LTT/KC2ENI) and am always looking for ham radio software. I couldn't find any other than some APRS (Amateur Packet Reporting System) stuff that I wasn't into anyway. It became clear that I need to write something. I collected some Palm software tools together and had a go.

Bear in mind that I have never written any software before so this is a first attempt. May I introduce for your sufflication and delight .... LTT Log. I'm sorry but its the best name I could come up with ;-}

pic of pilot emulator running LTT LOg So here it is. Its basically a log book program. You enter the Call sign, time, date etc and it stores it. Click the pic to get it.

Its still very 'Alpha' but it works and so far there no nasty surprises.

I have tested it on the Palm OS Emulator with my PalmIIIe ROM installed and also on my PalmIIIe. It should also work on the PalmIIIx. As for the others, I dunno. If you have anything that you'd like to try it on then please do and mail me with your results.

The software should be considered 'freeware' under the terms of the GNU licence thing. I retain all copyrights etc.

I'm offering no guarantees as to the compatibility of the software to run on anything other than my personal PalmIIIe. If you try it and it brings Satan's spawn down upon your toaster then its your look-out.

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