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This is the analogue picture I get on channel 4. It's not the same as either of the 2 digital streams.

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This is the channel ident on stream 2.

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Another channel ident. Note the 4.2 to denote which stream it is.

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This is from stream 2; Standard Def. At the time of writing it was showing a 2 week old breakfast programme.

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This is from stream 1; Hi Def. I'm showing it in 4:3 but its being sent in 16:9 format.

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This is from stream 1. It's 16:9 format.

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Some more from stream 1.

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During the commercial breaks they are currently showing ads for HDTV equipment and then an HD promo reel of Greece.

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I don't have a 100% perfect decode as seen here. That's Heather Locklear with the pixelated face.

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This is the diag screen for the Hi-Def stream 1.



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