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This is the analogue picture I receive.

The rest are digital pictures.

13 second video clip in MPEG4 format. (requires MS MPEG4 Codec)

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This is a 16:9 Hi-Def  channel ident.

4x3filler2.jpg (51159 bytes)
Here they've taken a regular 4:3 picture and added a "wrapper" to make it 16:9.
If you watch this on a regular TV you won't see the blue border.

4x3filler.jpg (42442 bytes)

4x3filler3.jpg (27627 bytes)
This is what happens when they send a 4:3 picture in 16:9 format.
On a regular TV the grey bars are not there.

4x3filler4.jpg (31791 bytes)

4x3filler5.jpg (20157 bytes)
Here is a 14:9 picture. This is an interim standard that allows a picture to be shown in both formats.
In 4:3 there will be some slight "letter boxing". In 16:9 there will be a slight border to the sides.

diagscreen.jpg (34808 bytes)
Note the Hi-Def resolution but the slow frame rate. This picture will still appear to flicker just as regular analogue TV does.


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