Worked G7LTT AwardThe Worked G7LTT AwardSo this year I celebrate 10 years of being a licenced ham radio operato (am I that old already!?). For a bit of fun I thought I'd issue an award to celebrate th fact and to say thank you to all those folks that have help me along the way. They are to many to name but you know who you are.

The rules are these:-
    Work me as G7LTT or KC2ENI 5 times this year in either the Americas or Europe and gai the G7LTT/KC2ENI Basic Award (mixed)Work me exclusively as G7LTT 5 times this year in either the Americas or Europe and gai the G7LTT Basic AwardWork me exclusively as KC2ENI 5 times this year in either the Americas or Europe an gain the KC2ENI Basic AwardWork me as KC2ENI/? in Asia and gain the Asian AwardShow evidence that you have worked me as G7LTT 10 times in the past and gain the G7LT Decade AwardShow evidence that you have a piece of G7LTT junk in your shack and gain the G7LTT Jun AwardPictorial evidence of G7LTT wins the G7LTT Picture awardBe in possession of a G7LTT weather satellite picture and win the G7LTT Weather AwardShow evidence of owning a winning lottery ticket and win million$$$$ (only kidding!)worked_g7ltt_award.jpg (34863 bytes)Endorsements will be issued for contacts on single bands or single modes or fo contacts in single countries/continents not native to your own.

    All phone contacts count be they through a repeater or simplex. Any and all phone mode are acceptable. All data contacts count be they through a repeater or direct Packet mail does not count.

    Evidence shall be in the form of  written log book entries and will be examined b me or the current Chairman of the Burnham Beeches Radio Club.

    The Award runs until the 30th October 2000.

    Good luck and good hunting!

    Details of the winners can be found here.

    & Mark A Phillips, G7LTT 1997/8/9/2000
    Sunday February 13, 2000 16:10 -0000